EPro - change log

July 12, 2022 Version 2.2
- Fixed that remeasure subarea did not work.
- Abort profiling with error in case first point is not in optimal range laser. Previously this may lead to strange behaviour or motion stalled without messages.

June 8, 2020 Version 2.1
- Added error message in case connection to daq is lost during profiling or manual control.
- Changed behaviour if first point cannot be measured. If several subsequent points could not be measured abort with error.
- Fixed that disconnect did only disconnect motors and not the daq board for the laser.
- Added additional options in the smooth dialogue with respect to missing points. The dialogue can now be used to interpolate missing point instead of just using last good measurement.
- Fixed shortcuts not working and several other user interface bugs
- Added DPI aware icons for higher quality icons.
- Replaced font with one optimized for ClearType rendering.
- Added automatic option for under water laser calibration values.
- Added serial key protection.
- Added automatic check for updates within service contract.
- Few other cosmetic changes.
- Large update of the online help document.

Mar. 14, 2017 Version 2.0
- New development toolchain which provide HDPI support etc.
- Updated National Instruments support and additional Daq manufactures.
- New Icons
- New way to enlarge charts
- Cosmetic changes

Oct. 27, 2012 Version 1.3.1
- Changed help to open pdf version.

Jan 16, 2012 Version 1.3
- Added a black hole feature where profiling can be skipped in a defined circular area.
- Renamed UnderWater to BelowWater and OverWater to AboveWater in configuration and access file

Mar 9, 2007 Version 1.1 release 3
- Minor bug fixes
- Redesign of menu

Feb 6, 2007 Version 1.1 release 1
- Added support for two motors per axis

Aug 1, 2006 Version 1.1
- Added expert level setting to hide advanced settings
- Added max 3D points settings, which turns off 3D plots if exceeded.
Increases the maximum profiling points, at the expense of slightly
reduced functionality
- Fixed problem with one way directions
- Changed algorithm for one way directions (5, 6, 7, 8, 13, 14, 15, 16)
to fix a problem that caused them not work
- Converted to new version of development environment, which required
minor changes to the internal code.

Feb 3, 2006
- Added ellipse as damage filter
- Fixed offset dialog

Jan 23, 2006
- order of Reverse sign in preferences fixed

May 12, 2005
- Order of profiles can be rearranged by drag and drop.
- Only damage contour is shown during damage calculation.

Marts 24, 2005
- Fixed Access violation after profiling due to uninitialized colour

February 26, 2005
- The text grid is now per default coloured for measurements
- Only the active surface is now visible
- The axes are adjusted so a damage surface will appear at the
place as the profiles
- Anti alias has been tested to smooth the charts. A check box
I still visible to smooth the surface chart. This make the chart
more pretty on screen, although the benefit is limited since it
does not seem to affect the quality of exported or printed charts.
- Work in progress to highlight the current position with bold
in the headers of the text-grid. ´
- The name of the profile appears a title on surface charts
- if the chart commander is activated, the chart titles a lowered to still be

February 15, 2005
- Reverse damage added
- Fixed error with missing colour on surface chart

February 14, 2005
- Damage calculation fixed, to also show filter limits on charts

February 3, 2005
- Damage calculation fixed
- Handling of laser reading close to SWL modified

August 17, 2004
- Smooth filter added

July 27, 2004
- Added through water surface optimization.
- On-line help has been revised

February 29, 2004
- Added 360 degree rotation of surface chart
- Layout of information tabs has been rearranged
- Layout of profiling buttons changed to automatic resize
- Improved error-handling when profiling
- Improved profiling stability through addition of surround distance parameter
- build date added to about-dialog
- Check and Uncheck all profiles added to popup-menu
- Enhanced data-protection during save project operations
- Added stop button top manual control-dialog to abrupt motion

February 5, 2004
- Added zoom to grid
- Selecting and measuring a sub-area is added
- Fixed damage calculation to work for both x and z cross-sections
- Search for highest and lowest value added
- Shortcuts for grid colour and data added
- double click on charts or grid will move profiler to current location

November 26, 2003
- Added contour chart
- Added support for JVL-motors
- Length/width/height on charts are adjusted to fit the dimension of the model
- Improved tracking of position on charts

August 29, 2003
- Version 1. released

September 5, 2003
- Problem saving projects, using Bolovian reginal settings, fixed
- Regional settings is set to neutral, on all file-operations

September 7, 2003
- Fixed minor problem with edit of data