EPro - software

EPro is the software needed to control the profiling hardware. EPro collects all the measurements in a database and various outputs can be generated.

EPro was initially programmed to measure erosion effects on rubble mound breakwater models and has a built-in damage calculation processing for this purpose. However, any type of model can be measured within surface limitations of measurement transducer and movement limitations of the profiler. 

Profiling is done by setting up a grid of measure points, e.g.:

The required density of measure-points depends on the required precision of the current project. The highest possible density is 1mm between measuring points (or whatever unit the program is calibrated to support). Since a high-density grid takes longer to profile, grid density will typically be a compromise between speed and precision, To help obtaining the optimum compromise EPro has 4 grades of movement speed and 16 different routes it can follow.

While profiling, the measurements are presented graphically in real-time. Hereby errors are easily detected and the profiling can be aborted if the measurements are flawed. In such case, it is possible to manually remove the last measurements and restart the profiling from a previous state.

After profiling the results can be inspected in EPro in tabular and graphical form. EPro offers some basic processing, editing and graphing capabilities. To ease further processing in other programs, EPro offers export facilities supporting a wide range of data and graphics formats.