AwaSys - Main window

Main Window

The main screen consists of four pages. The first page is used for wave generation, where the sea state is defined and all relevant parameters and options can be set. Regular, solitary and irregular waves can be generated. The defined sea state may be defined as a combined sea state for example might two irregular spectra be used to generate combined swell and wind sea or two or three monocromatic waves to generate bi-chromatic or tri-chromatic waves.

After entering the wanted sea state parameters the generation is started simply by clicking the start button. This is opposite to many other programs where a file with the entire generation time series needs to be prepared in advance. Although the last method is also supported if steering signals wants to be known in advance.

The second page allows replaying the paddle signal from a previous stored generation (replay file). Hereby different model setups can be exposed to the exact same wave series. On page three one or more generation can be queued and executed as a batch. On page four, all paddles can be controlled individually. 

Figure 1: AwaSys 7 main page in 2-D mode.

Figure 2: AwaSys 7 main page in 3-D mode (combined swell and wind sea).