AwaSys - Price List and Installation

New Campus License:

A campus license is valid for all facilities within the same company (identical VAT number) and license costs are:

  • AwaSys 7 - 3D: 19450 EUR (Full version including all features)
  • AwaSys 7 - 2D: 10950 EUR (All features for flume application)
  • AwaSys 7 - LT:   3450 EUR (Same as 2D version but limited to linear generation only and no active absorption)

Our team is also fully capable of modifying the software to specific needs that is outside of the current cababilities of the software (contact us for costs if you have such needs). The license comes with two years service contract with extensive support and free updated. A valid AwaSys service contract gives also discount on participation in our course Generation and Analysis of Waves in Physical Models.


AwaSys support data-acquisition hardware from DATATRANSLATION and National Instruments (NIDaqmx cards). Moreover, digital communication (RS232 or Ethernet) is supported for two servo controllers. 

Together with our partners it is possible to supply a wave generator solution with state of the art software and hardware for both small, medium and and large facilities (contact us for details and cost estimate). Examples of such coopertaion is the CCOB wave basin in Santander, Spain built in 2011 (64 paddles) and the worlds largest deep water basin under construction in Busan, Korea (200 paddles). 

Installation and Calibration:

The user guide explains the installation and calibration procedure. In order to benefit from the state of the art methods for wave generation and active absorption implemented in AwaSys, it is important that the software is set-up in the right way. This is something that is usually done by one of our experts or by the client in cooperation with us. In order to test the set-up special routines to calibrate and self-test are available to check system settings and wave generation quality. Passing such self-test is important for accurate wave generation and especially active absorption. On site installation support for one facility (1 week stay) is app. 6500 EUR within EU and 8000 EUR outside EU including all travel costs and daily wages.


Upgrade LT -> 2D -> 3D version is possible for users with an active service contract. In that case only the price difference of the licenses plus 500 EUR in handling fee has to be paid. Note that any upgrades do not lead to service contract extension (see additional costs below).

Users with AwaSys 6 or earlier may upgrade to the newest version with a discount compared to new license costs. Please contact us for a quotation. 

Service Contract Extensions:

After the two first years the software can be operated without service contract or the contract can be extended (see costs below).

  • 1 year extension: 12% per year of new license cost
  • 2 years extension: 11% per year of new license cost
  • 3 years extension: 10% per year of new license cost
  • 4 years extension: 9% per year of new license cost