WaveLab is a powerful software package for data acquisition and data analysis specifically designed for wave laboratories. WaveLab is a Windows® program and features a modern graphical user interface, which makes WaveLab very easy to use for both first time users and experienced users. The aim is continuously to supply our customers the most powerful and user friendly software package for data acquisition and analysis in wave laboratories.

WaveLab includes data acquisition and wave analysis with all major features needed for 2-D and 3-D model tests. The wave analysis includes time and frequency domain analysis of total elevations, state-of the-art methods for reflection separation in time and frequency domain and 3-D wave analysis (directional spreading function estimation) using BDM and MLM method. Additionally, the software comes with additional small tools needed for planning and analysis of model tests. Further desription of each of the tools is available in the links below.

WaveLab can significantly increase reliability of wave analyses and at the same time even reduce the time spent on data analysis considerably. This is due to its reliable and fast processing engine and its ability to process multiple files and channels in one operation. In all cases the results are colored in green (no warnings), yellow (warnings that might be important) and red (important warnings) making it possible to perform additional checks for these issues when needed. This is a unique capability that reduces significantly the possibility of making wrong interpretation of test result. In addition to the color indicating reliability level also warnings texts are given to the user in the results table indicating the reason for the lower reliability. This is very important in order to detect errors in the input for the analyses which could otherwise leads to output results that are highly unreliable.

Analyses results are organized in projects, which can be saved to disk. This allows for later modification of input parameters or additional inspections of the outputs. A report can be generated to print or file, with a layout that presents the results in a practical manner for discussion or as documentation in a report. For further processing, data and figures can easily be exported to other programs (e.g. Excel or MatLab).

Data Acquisition

Data acquisition component that is easy to use for first time users, but still includes advances options for the experienced user. The component support high speed syncronized sampling of many channels.

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Time Series Analysis

Time and frequency domain analysis of total waves (regular and irregular), time domain analysis of run-up and forces.

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Reflection Analysis

Reflection analysis of waves using state of the art methods for regular (Lykke Andersen non-linear method) and irregular long-crested (Zelt/RefCross linear method) waves in time and frequency domain.

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3D Wave Analysis

Analysis of short-crested waves using state of the art methods (BDM and MLM method) in frequency domain.

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Other Components

WaveLab includes several additional powerful tools for planning, performing and analyzing hydraulic model test experiments.

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