WaveLab - Other components

Post Analyses

Defines automatic post analyses to be performed on a data file. This can be either automatically after a data acquisition or from command prompt execution.

Show Signal

Fast plotting of signals including calculation of mean and RMS of zoomed time window.

Compare Signals

Compare two signals and calculates the cross-correlation time series, the cross-spectrum, the squared coherency, the phase shift.

Data File Conversion

This component ís used to convert data files between different formats (ASCII, Compressed ASCII, 16bit Binear GTX files, Compressed Binear 16bit GTX).

Wave Gauge Calibration

In the wave gauge calibration component calibration coefficients and offsets are calculated from two water levels (i.e. moving wave gauges a distance up or down).


The filtering component support filtering by time domain filters (FIR) and frequency domain filters. As standard filters are included bandpass filter, dynamic amplification filter and average filter, but any user specified filter can also be applied either by specification of filter coefficients or frequency-response function. The component support processing of several data files and channels in one operation.

Time Series Generator

The time series generator can be used to generate data files which in example can be used testing different components of WaveLab or other software packages. The time series generator support regular and long and short crested irregular waves. Supported time series are wave elevations, particle velocities and accelerations in x,y and z direction and total and dynamic pressure. From one sea state any of these time series can be extracted at any location. 3 generation methods are supported (InvFFR Random Phase, InvFFT Random Complex Spectrum & White Noise Filtering). 

Modify Signals

Modify signals by a given expression which can be dependent on the individual channels in the file. This component can for instance be used to numerically integrate measured pressures to give the force.

Pressure to Elevation

With this component measured pressure time series can be converted to wave elevation time series using linear wave theory. The component support processing of several data files and channels in one operation.

Curve Fitting

In hydraulic model testing are often encountered instruments with slightly nonlinear calibration functions (wave gauges without cable compensation). The curve fitting component is used internally to fit calibration function polynomials of user defined order. Other types of nonlinear calibration function or empirical formulae might be fitted with this component that support multi parameter nonlinear curve fitting using predefined or user defined models. User defined models are defined simple by entering the equation and the initial estimates of the fitting parameters. The fitting is performed using the Levenberg-Marquardt method. After the fitting of the selected models the fits are ranked based on the goodness of fit. For each fit detailed regression results are available including model and data plots, coefficient values and standard error and confidence intervals.

Armour Stability

Calculation of armour stability using the Hudson formula or the van der Meer formula.

Caisson Stability

Calculation of sliding and overturning stability of caisson breakwaters using Goda (1974) wave loads including modification by Takahashi et al. (1994) for impulsive loads.

Core Scaling

Core scaling using the method of Burcharth.

Shoaling and Refraction

Calculation of shoaling and refraction coefficients for parallel depth contours.

Wave Height Distribution

Comparison of wave height distributions on deep and shallow water (Rayleigh, Glukhovsky, Battjes & Groenendijk)

Wave Kinematics

Comparison of regular wave kinematics for the 1. order stoke, the 5. order Stoke & the Stream function theory (all includes combined waves and current).

SPM Hindcast

Simple hindcasting of waves from wind using SPM method.

Standard Spectra

Comparison of different kinds of standard wave spectra. Gives a plot of the spectrum and calculates characteristic wave periods and moments of the spectrum.

3D Spreading Converter

Conversion between different wave spreading parameters.


Calculation of wave loads on horizontal cylinders using Morisons equation.