WaveLab - Downloads

Free Demo Version

Download a free demo version of WaveLab. The demo version is fully functional, however it is limited in several areas and will only analyse a small part of the time series. Check the Change log to see what is new in the current version.

WaveLab 3.863 DEMO (07-01-2022) (file size ~92 MB)

OS Compatibility Tested (32 and 64 bit): Win 7, Win 8, Win 8.1, Win 10, Win 11.

Customer Version

Existing customers can get the fully working version by sending a request to tla@build.aau.dk


WaveLab comes with an extensive technical documentation describing the methods used for the wave analyses.

Moreover, an online user manual is supplied describing the software user interface (user manual for some components is under development while others are completed). The user manual includes a larger number of tutorials which gives an introduction to the main part of the analyses in WaveLab. 

Download WaveLab Brochure (PDF-File) (file size ~0.2 MB)