WaveLab - Data acquisition

The data acquisition component support the following hardware manufacturers:

  • Data Translations boards which is supported by the Open-Layer interface.
  • National Instruments boards supported by NI-DAQmx

The component supports data acquisition on several boards at the same time as long as they are from the same manufacturer.

The component is very user friendly to both first time users and experience users and still very complex operations can be performed. Online analysis of signals can be performed with both text output and graphical output (time series and spectra).

The component support controlling of external equipment through digital and analog outputs which can be triggered on a specified time or by an input channel, this is very useful for controlling pumps in overtopping tests.

Component support high throughput using hardware trigger which leads to little cpu utilization for even high sampling frequencies (>1 kHz/channel).

Support for measuring offset and calibration functions within the component, which makes post processing within WaveLab much easier. Other components in WaveLab will automatically detect calibration functions, offset and positions of gauges from the data file if they were entered in the data acquisition component. 

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