WaveLab - Change log

WaveLab 3.895 (17-07-2024)
- Several optimizations with respect to detecting file formats (especially those that only partly fulfill a WaveLab standard format).
- Fixed that WaveLab window position may be out of range if a monitor has been unplugged since last session.

WaveLab 3.894 (20-06-2024)
- Filtering Component: Fixed a GUI problem with selection of time window by dragging bands for eigen frequency estimation.
- Data Acquisition: Fixed that data acquitions could not start after update in version 3.888 for Win11 adaption.

aveLab 3.893 (08-05-2024)
- GUI fixes related to Forristall distribution being shown in legend even if distribution was not shown.

WaveLab 3.892 (01-05-2024)
- Fixed that the software would not start by other windows users than the one who installed it (guest version only). 
- A few minor GUI fixes. 

WaveLab 3.891 (21-03-2024)
- Data Acquisition: Fixed a problem with using delayed start simoultaneously with using trigger. 
- Data Acquisition: Fixed a problem with updating status bar in batch and continues mode. 

WaveLab 3.889 (20-03-2024)
- Fixed a problem with detecting comma seprated files (was extremely slow). 
- Time Series Analysis & Reflection Analysis: Fixed that plotting spectrum of bichromatic waves was not performed if first provided wave period was lower than 
second provided period.

WaveLab 3.888 (12-03-2024)
- Data Acquisition: Fixed that in Win11 lower timing accuracy was present when using Software trigger and WaveLab was not in the foreground. 
- Added Forristall wave height distribution. 
- Faster detection of valid datafile formats. For files in Wavelab ASCII format the improvement is very significant. 
- Faster reading of ASCII files (approximately factor 2 speedup).
- Optimized the add directory functionality with respect to speed and user interface. Added also the possibility to abort an add directory operation.
- Added the posibility to abort a report generation.
- Improved significantly the calculation speed for kinematics of 5th order Stokes waves.
- Updated the manual with warnings in calculations (Time Series Analysis, Reflection Analysis and 3D Wave Analysis).

WaveLab 3.887 (08-02-2024)
- Updated the deveopment Studio and chart component to newest versions. This has improved the support for per monitor DPI. 
- Changed the user interface to tabbed layout as now supported by the development studio.

WaveLab 3.886 (06-02-2024)
- Fixed a problem with checking for updates and activation after updating the webserver.  

WaveLab 3.885 (29-01-2024)
- Reflection Analysis Component: Solved a problem in version 3.884 that prevented reflection analysis to open. 
- Fixed an access violation at shut down.

WaveLab 3.884 (25-01-2024)
- For Win32 version removed LARGE_ADRESS_AWARE flag as this is not supported by Data Translation driver and may lead to various errors. 
- Fixed a bug that may cause range check errors when subseries are zero tapped. The problem for example occur in period detection of regular waves. 
- Fixing various minor issues.

WaveLab 3.882 (05-10-2023)
- Time Series Analysis Component: Added the option "Rescale spectrum energy to level without subseries" under frequency domain. This option leads to higher accuracy of estimated spectral wave heights when using overlapping subseries. 

WaveLab 3.881 (29-09-2023)
- Reflection Analysis Component: Improved shoaling model for nonlinear irregular waves.
- Reflection Analysis Component: Added posibility to export the time domain result in a specific gauge. The gauge number refer to the channel number in the data file. 
- Fixed a problem where zero crossing analysis might in some special cases not find any waves if the start of the recording with no real waves is not skipped.
- Fixed a problem with the convergence of the conoidal wave theory that may have impacted also reflection analysis on sloping foreshores.

WaveLab 3.880 (13-07-2023)
- Reflection Analysis Component: Do not allow drag of primary band in the frequency domain graph.

WaveLab 3.879 (07-07-2023)
- Reflection Analysis Component: Fixed a problem with reading the applied solution parameters from the project. This lead to projects always being recalculated upon opening and post analysis projects executing with wrong solutions paramaters. 
- Modernization of some small dialogues and other smaller improvements. 

WaveLab 3.878 (27-06-2023)
- Reflection Analysis Component: Added possibility to specify the limits of when to reduce the mathematical problem solved. In WaveLab was previously used alpha and beta, but now also the condition number proposed by Ridder et al. (2023) is added as a possible criteria to use. The default values have been updated after a significant investigation on a large amount of data. Refer to the manual for more information.
- Reflection Analysis Component: For bichromatic waves the plotting of the spectrum has been fixed (3rd and higher order components are now plotted).
- Reflection Analysis Component: Changed the warnings when solving a reduced mathematical problem.
- Reflection Analysis: The primary region is shown when displaying the solution type for irregular waves analysed with the nonlinear method.
- Added in all components a warning when loading default settings in advanced options. 

WaveLab 3.877 (18-04-2023)
- Data File Conversion: Fixed conversion of ASCII files with first column being time to GTX. 

WaveLab 3.876 (29-03-2023)
- Added an option to change the font size in graphs (Main menu->View->Options->Layout->Chart Font Size). 
- Reflection Analysis: Added posibility to plot the solution type and the condition number. See manal for more information.

WaveLab 3.875 (10-03-2023)
- Fixed a problem with reports giving access violation. The error was introduced by the new graph component version included in version 3.874. 

WaveLab 3.874 (07-03-2023)
- Updated development studio and graph component to newest version
- Fixed a problem with the graph component that led to bad automatic labels sometimes being selected. 
- Fixed opening of online help (F1) may lead to access violation.

WaveLab 3.873 (14-02-2023)
- Faster file format identification for AwaSys files. 
- Fixed an error in 64 bit version on add directory (after activation of 64 bit ASLR in version 3.871 it occured more frequently).
- Data Acquisition: Fixed an error in detection of Data Translation boards in 64 bit version (after activation of 64 bit ASLR in version 3.871 it occured more 

WaveLab 3.871 (01-02-2023)
- Data Acquisition: Fixed an error that may lead to program termination in 64 bit windows on start of a new test. 
- Data Acquisition: Fixed that software trigger using high performance counter was not working.
- Activated 64 bit ASLR.

WaveLab 3.870 (16-01-2023)
- Fixed activation of 2023 guest keys. 
- 3D Wave Analysis: Allow right clicking gauge setup graph to change properties, exporting, etc.

WaveLab 3.869 (06-01-2023)
- Added exception tracking with possible error reporting. 
- Scrolling in graphs may now be done by either middle or right mouse button. We recommend middle button if available. 
- 3D Wave Analysis: Fixed that gauge setup graph showed values as time on bottom axis.

WaveLab 3.868 (30-09-2022)
- Reflection Analysis: In output graphs do not change active active series when changing data file or enabling/disabeling bound or free components.
- Reflection Analysis: Allow to separate in bound a free components even if error spectrum is above 20% of incident. 
- Data Acquisition: Changed time in header of GTX file to be start of sample time instead of end (in agreement with ASCII data files).
- Fixed problem with adding new files after directory to data files has been updated by user or automatically by relative path to project. 

WaveLab 3.867 (16-06-2022)
- For zero-down crossing added another option to correct for false waves caused mainly by noise on signals. In advanced options two extra fields have been 
added for minimum trough and crest fraction of period in time series analysis and reflection analysis components.
- Data Acquisition Component: Fixed an issue with detecting available filters on Data Translation boards (given as 1 Hz instead of all pass).

WaveLab 3.866 (13-06-2022)
- 3D Wave Analysis Component: Plotting of main directions in report also include optimization from WaveLab 3.864 to avoid shifts between 0 and 360 degrees. 

WaveLab 3.865 (07-06-2022)
- 3D Wave Analysis Component: Fixed that binary GTX files generated by WaveLab could not be read. 

WaveLab 3.864 (25-02-2022)
- Changed notification of software update to identical to the one in AwaSys.
- Fixed that calcultation duration was wrongly reported on dayligh saving changes and time zone changes. 
- 3D Wave Analysis Component: Changed plotting of directions to avoid shifts between 0 and 360 degrees when mean direction is fluctuating around zero. Axes now use wave gauge system configuration for deciding axis limits.
- 3D Wave Analysis Component: Added validation on custom systems for wave gauge configurations.
- Time Series Analysis Component: Fixed that when opening old projects number of channels in files were lost. 

WaveLab 3.863 (07-01-2022)
- Transfer to newest development studio and charting component to fix a couple of high DPI.
- Removed support of WinXP and earlier windows versions. 
- Fixed error that when opening old projects file names were lost. 
- 3D Wave analysis Component: Changed method of calculation of directions and mean directions and results may be slightly different from previous versions. New method allow for example all directions to be considered incident (0-360 degree incident range). 
- Compare Signals Componet: Fixed that error reading data stalled the component. 

WaveLab 3.862 (13-09-2021)
- Fixed that select folder did not show correct startup folder and sometimes may show empty folder tree.

WaveLab 3.861 (18-08-2021)
- Time Series Analysis Component: Fixed plotting of target spec with user override being reset to test defaults if waterdepth devaited from test specified.  
- 3D Wave Analysis Component: On add gauges check if all files have identical values before using value from files. 

WaveLab 3.860 (14-06-2021)
- Added posibility to modify the target spectrum for several files and channels simultaneously.
- 3D Wave Analysis: Fixed MLM target spectrum plotting.  

WaveLab 3.859 (08-06-2021)
- Added additional posibilities for spectrum plot (line series or point series) in Options->Layout.

WaveLab 3.858 (31-05-2021)
- Fixed that when adding new files values for first file was reset to default values (introduced in 3.856).

WaveLab 3.857 (03-05-2021)
- Wave Gauge Calibration Component: Fixed errors with reading data from daq board.
- Allow the target spectrum to be set as a sum of several spectra (sea waves + swell) and save it in the project and use it in reports.
- Time series Analysis Component: Allow to set or remove target spectrum per channel in time series analysis component.

WaveLab 3.856 (08-04-2021)
- Fixed error introduced in version 3.854 if WaveLab is started unregistered and user click no to continue unregistered.
- Significant restructuring of old code in order to provide possibility to reset target sepctrum to parameters from file headers. This feature will be expanded in following releases.
- User interface bugfixes.

WaveLab 3.855 (10-02-2021)
- Reflection Analysis Component: For regular waves redifined the reflection coefficient to to use total wave height instead of bound. This to handle cases where incident waves are highly nonlinear and reflection rather low.
- Reflection Analysis Component: For separation of regular waves added the possibility to use either current discharge or current veleocity specified. 
- Time Series Analysis Component: For regular waves added the possibility to use either current discharge or current veleocity specified for the theoretical wave profile. 

WaveLab 3.854 (28-01-2021)
- Filtering Component: Added median filter that may be used for removing outliers (large noise spikes) in for example ADV signals. 
- Re-structuring some old code to avoid creating several forms at startup (faster startup).
- Fixed memory leak on entering invalid calibration fucntions.

WaveLab 3.853 (07-01-2021)
- Fixed warning with respect to energy removed by bandpass filtering when using a length scale different from unity.
- Various smaller bug fixes.

WaveLab 3.852 (22-12-2020)
- Reflection Analysis: For nonlinear separation changed criteria for when to correct for unrealistic results (criteria for reflected bound/free wave separtion).
- Solving range check errors when selecting some plot options for files that have not finished calculation.

WaveLab 3.851 (30-11-2020)
- Time Series Analysis: Optimized plotting of force and moment (or arm) point clouds.
- Time Series Analysis: Fixed that only water level read from first file was transferred to GUI.

WaveLab 3.850 (19-10-2020)
- Fixed stop calculation sometimes gave error "cannot terminate an externally created thread".
- Time Series Analysis: Added possility to show channel description in output tables.

WaveLab 3.849 (08-09-2020)
- Added hint on channel numbers to show available channels in the selected files.

WaveLab 3.848 (11-08-2020)
- Reflection Analysis: Further improved separation of regular waves on sloping foreshores by improving criteria for deeming results unrealistic and the corrections needed.
- Reflection Analysis: For nonlinear analysis the handeling of cases where stream function theory does not converge has been improved.
- Kinematics Component: Added cnoidal wave theory as an additional theory.
- Shoaling and refraction: Added extra criteria for when cnoidal is valid.
- During calculations make sure system does not enter standby.

WaveLab 3.847 (09-07-2020)
- Reflection Analysis: Improved separation of regular waves on sloping foreshores by bug fixes and improvements to previous release implementations.

WaveLab 3.846 (24-06-2020)
- Shoaling and refraction: Supplemented nonlinear shoaling calculation by stream function theory with cnoidal theory. Cnoidal will be used if valis and stream function theory otherwise.
- Reflection Analysis: Above change to the nonlinear shoaling calculation also means it is now much faster to seperate long regular waves on sloping foreshores.

WaveLab 3.845 (20-05-2020)
- Time Series Analysis: Added analysis of bichromatic waves.
- SPM Hindcasting: In addition to fetch and duration limited it now also reports Fully Arisen Sea for SPM in transitional and shallow water as well as for the Hurdle and Stive method.
- Added DPI aware icons on buttons.
- Solved many per monitor DPI issues by appling a fix suggested to the development studio (for MDI applications). If the workspace occupy one monitor only very few DPI issues remains. If the workspace occupy more than one monitor the components do not scale correctly due to limitations in Windows for MDI applications.
- Time Series Analysis and Reflection Analysis: Added option to automatically add shallow water wave height distributions in reports.
- Time Series Analysis: Due to above an input field with seabed slope is added.
- Add Wave Heigth Distribution: Changed input to be tan(alpha) as given as input for analysis instead of cot(alpha).
- Allow ASCII files to have a small footer (maximum around 2000 characters). Gave previously read error.
- Filtering: Added similar way to activate and deactivate channels as in Show Signal component.
- Various smaller user interface changes.

WaveLab 3.843 (16-03-2020)
- Shoaling and Refraction: Added nonlinear shoaling based Fenton (1988).
- Reflection Analysis: Updated procedure for separating incident and reflected regular waves on a sloping seabed. Method is computational more expensive, but in most cases more accurate. Update is based on Eldrup, M. R. and Lykke Andersen, T. (2020). Numerical Study on Regular Wave Shoaling, De-shoaling and Decomposition of Free/Bound Waves on Gentle and Steep Foreshores. Journal of Marine Science and Engineering, Vol. 8.

WaveLab 3.842 (13-12-2019)
- Data Acquisition: Fixed that WaveLab was not compatible with nidaqmx 19.X in x64 configuration.

WaveLab 3.841 (21-11-2019)
- 3D Wave Analysis: Fixed that MLM sometimes gave zero for all wave parameters (no frequencies analysed).
- 3D Wave Analysis: Fixed that MLM analysis in WaveLab 3.837 to 3.840 produced Hm0 values that were sqrt(2) too large.

WaveLab 3.840 (14-11-2019)
- Fixed that bandpass filtering taper length was not in all cases scaled with the specified length scale.

WaveLab 3.839 (29-10-2019)
- Data File Conversion: Fixed conversion binary GTX files to ASCII (contained zeroes only).
- Filtering Component: Fixed that eigen frequency and dampening ratio could not be calculated from GTX files unless headline numbers were specified prior to selecting the file.
- Data Acquisition Component: Fixed that output rules could in some cases not be stored to GTX output files.

WaveLab 3.838 (26-09-2019)
- Reflection Analysis Component: Fixed that changing wave type did not change result list column headers.

WaveLab 3.837 (23-09-2019)
- Data Acquisition and Wave Gauge Calibration components: Fixed report on wave gauge calibration showing incorrect maximum error percentage in case calibration range is not unipolar.

WaveLab 3.836 (21-08-2019)
- Speed optimized how new test results are added to the tables so redrawing is less time consuming when having many tests in the same project.
- Added the possibility to return to the unsorted list by right clicking and select reset order (no sorting).
- Compare Signals Component: Fixed error on saving advanced settings.
- Armour Stability Component: Added the Eldrup and Lykke Andersen (2019) rock armour stability formulae.

WaveLab 3.835 (18-07-2019)
- Wave Gauge Calibration Component: Restructured the dialogue to have higher similarity with the one used for wave gauge calibration in data acquisition component. Added for example support for more than 2 calibration points, nonlinear calibration functions and report generation.
- Bug fix related to automatically adding target spectrum (range check error) after added a new spectrum in the previous version.
- Various smaller fixes.

WaveLab 3.834 (10-07-2019)
- Added Ochi-Hubble wave spectra.

WaveLab 3.833 (12-06-2019)
- Data Acquisition Component: In the configure channels tab added the possibility to select and deselect several channels in a few click by right-clicking the checkboxes.
- Data Acquisition and Show Signals Components: Above feature replaces the button "Invert selection".
- Data Acquisition Component: Fixed numeric representation of voltage levels in the calibration report added in version 3.832.

WaveLab 3.832 (22-05-2019)
- Data Acquisition Component: Added the possibility to generate a report on the wave gauge calibration.
- Data Acquisition Component: Fixed an error with calibrating wave gauges with calibration function polynomial order larger than one.
- A few minor GUI changes.

WaveLab 3.831 (08-04-2019)
- Updated function that updates filename in case datafiles and project has been moved to a more generalized function using relative paths.
- Time Series Analysis and Reflection Analysis: When calculating H1/10 etc. consider now number of events to take the average of as a decimal number (removed round).

WaveLab 3.830 (02-04-2019)
- The 64 bit version of WaveLab 3.828 and 3.829 had a significant problem due to an error in the newest development suite. For this reason, saving projects failed and caused WaveLab to close. Issue is fixed with this release.

WaveLab 3.829 (25-03-2019)
- Time series analysis: Fixed that for regular waves the specified wave period was not scaled to prototype value. Added hint that it should be given in model scale.

WaveLab 3.828 (18-03-2019)
- Updated to newest development studio which solves several high DPI issues and adds support for HDPI images.
- Added high DPI icons.
- Solved context help not working (press F1 for field where help is needed).
- Time Series Analysis: Solved an issue that recalculation was not performed for specific bandpass configuration changes.

WaveLab 3.827 (14-01-2019)
- Time Series Analysis: Added possibility to export individual peaks in forces and run-up analysis.

WaveLab 3.826 (17-12-2018)
- Added the Hm0 wave height of the low frequency waves removed by the filter (Hm0L) and high frequency part removed (Hm0H) to the warnings.
- Reflection Analysis: Consider all gauges (instead of the first one) for estimating peak frequency used for cut-off frequencies and amount of energy removed by the filter.
- Reflection Analysis: Added error spectrum for bichromatic waves (needs recalculation).
- Reflection Analysis: Added reports for bichromatic waves.
- Various small fixes in reports.

WaveLab 3.825 (06-12-2018)
- Reflection Analysis: Improved criteria for when to invalidate the bound/free wave separation. This will improve prediction especially when choosing to give results not in the middle of the wave gauge array.
- Reflection Analysis: Fixed that the first gauge was incorrectly ignored when calculating the average gauge position (when time domain output coordinate was set as average of all coordinates).
- Time Domain Analysis and Reflection Analysis: Added minimum and maximum surface elevations as output parameters.
- Data Acquisition: Fixed problem with waiting time between tests when using trigger.

WaveLab 3.82 (14-11-2018)
- Reflection Analysis: Nonlinear separation of irregular waves is now open for customers after extensive internal testing. When using this method please refer to Eldrup, M. R. and Lykke Andersen, T. (2019). Estimation of Incident and Reflected Wave Trains in Highly Nonlinear Two-Dimensional Irregular Waves. Journal of Waterway, Port, Coastal, and Ocean Engineering, Vol. 145, Issue 1 (January 2019).
- Reflection Analysis: Fixed that incorrect warnings might be given from bandpass filtering when length scales different from unity were used.
- Set channel description when reading binary aws files (AwaSys control signals).

WaveLab 3.817 (16-10-2018)
- Wave kinematics: Solved that Stokes 5 was really slow when q was specified.
- In order for the legend on the target spectrum not to include too many decimals the numbers is first formatted using an upper limit of the data read from the data files.

WaveLab 3.816 (28-08-2018)
- Data File Conversion: Solved that it could not convert binary aws files from AwaSys 7. We though recommend converting these files with AwaSys 7.

WaveLab 3.815 (17-08-2018)
- 3D Wave Analysis: Solved remove files from list of data files gave range check error.
- 3D Wave Analysis: Solved that marking rows in the list and selecting open in Time Domain Analysis gave range check error.

WaveLab 3.814 (06-06-2018)
- Reflection Analysis: Added total amplitudes in frequency domain table for regular and bichromatic nonlinear waves.

WaveLab 3.813 (01-06-2018)
- Solved some problems with the showing of the calculation bar (especially always show option).
- Cylinder component: Improved slamming force calculation.

WaveLab 3.812 (25-04-2018)
- Added possibility to specify combined sea states in target spectrum dialogue.
- Time Series Analysis Component: Fixed position of water level box for analysis of force and moment from two moment measurements.

WaveLab 3.811 (23-04-2018)
- 3D Wave Analysis: Fixed that adding a standard spreading function was done with white series color instead of black.
- Compare Signals: Allow to deactivate smoothening for coherency and phase shift calculation in advanced options (set filter length to unity).
- When export WAF file for AwaSys it is now possible to specify previous WAF file in order to do more than one iteration for the ammendment.
- Fixed drag band in get eigen frequency and dampening dialogue did not change skip points value.
- Fixed that WaveLab previously asked to reopen or not when a project was opened from windows explorer.
- Minor GUI improvements.

WaveLab 3.81 (16-03-2018)
- Data Acquisition: On some Win64 machines the Data Translation boards return the voltage ranges to be -INF - + INF probably due to a driver error. Therefore, other than the maximum ranges are only used if the driver return sensible values.
- Updated the development studio to newest edition to fix some high DPI issues.

WaveLab 3.809 (19-02-2018)
- Reflection Analysis: Added non-self-interacting components up to 3rd order.
- Reflection Analysis: Added possibility to specify the wave periods of the two primary components.

WaveLab 3.807 (27-11-2017)
- Data Acquisition: Fixed that closing wait for trigger signal dialogue lead to error.
- Data Acquisition: When waiting for trigger signal and switching to other component then wait dialogue is now hidden.
- Show Signal: Fixed that on re-plot it does not remember which series have been deselected.
- Reflection Analysis: Changed criteria for when to reject separation due to unreliable estimates.

WaveLab 3.806 (18-09-2017)
- Fixed that analysis fails if data header defines spectrum as custom time series (AwaSys data).

WaveLab 3.805 (22-08-2017)
- Fixed that pasting to show details grids have failed from version 3.8 and onwards.
- Reflection Analysis: Added additional time domain plotting options for nonlinear reflection analysis of irregular waves.

WaveLab 3.804 (22-06-2017)
- Time Series Analysis: Solved report showed in some cases wrong or no channel name.

WaveLab 3.803 (21-06-2017)
- Data Acquisition: Solved problem with detecting NI boards giving error.

WaveLab 3.802 (09-06-2017)
- Data Acquisition: Solved problem with closing component when a continuous mode acquisition is running.

WaveLab 3.801 (10-05-2017)
- A major update of WaveLab where many GUI related issues have been solved by using the newest development suite and graph component.
- WaveLab is now supplied in x86 and x64 versions (x64 version installs on Win64 OS). The x64 version will limit "Out of memory" errors to cases where Windows is out of memory and not the 3Gb limit imposed by x86 programs. This is important when working with large data files or projects.
- WaveLab is now DPI aware. This avoid making user interface blurry when >100% DPI is selected in Windows.
- Added a new calculation toolbar (left side bar) with new icons. Side bar has 3 view modes.
- Added Cylinder component for calculating wave loads from regular and irregular waves on vertical cylinders.
- Added possibility to choose to plot spectra as piecewise linear (previous setting) and piecewise linear. Setting is available in Options->Layout.
- Show Signal Component: Optimized plotting of time series with several millions of data points (approximately factor 5 faster than previous versions). Moreover, added option to distribute plot in pages for faster plotting of time series with many millions of data points.
- Generate Time Series Component: Fixed phases of w, ax, ay.
- Solved that bad Automatic parameters might be estimated when using bandpass filter with frequency independent limits.
- Data Acquisition Component: Solved a few issues with output rules and analog output on DT daq boards.
- Fixed a few issues with the add files dialogue.
- Added Torsethaugen double peak wave spectrum.
- Added Generalised Γ wave spectrum.
- Added Top-Hat wave spectrum.
- Added Gaussian Swell wave spectrum.
- Data Acquisition Component: Added advanced option to automatically start sampling upon open project in Continuous Mode.
- Data Acquisition Component: Solved problem with files not getting closed while errors occurred in acquisition.
- Data Acquisition Component: Improved start time of following tests in continuous and batch mode when an after test break has been specified.
- Allow to open a specific project from command line by using the file as argument.
- Fixed that integer overflow occurred during FFT when the number of points in the window was large and/or a prime number.

WaveLab 3.742 (12-01-2017)
- Reverted change in 3.471 again as AwaSys always export model values. Instead an option is included in the Data Acquisition component (Set Description form)
to input prototype and scale to model values automatically.

WaveLab 3.741 (07-12-2016)
- Solved problem using read target spectrum from header if parameters are given in prototype scale.

WaveLab 3.74 (05-10-2016)
- Finalised online help.
- Data Acquisition Component: Added support for Current analog input channels for NI boards (other types of analog inputs might be added upon requests)
- Data Acquisition Component: Solved current value in Text Output listview not being properly updated when using NI boards with simoultaneous start (more
than one board).
- Data Acquisition: Solved acquisition stalling when using software trigger with high-performance counter setting.
- Post Analysis Component: Added possibility to use external exe files.
- Post Analysis Component: Added possibility to export incident, reflected and total wave trains from automatic reflection analysis post processing.
- Post Analysis Component: In case post analysis is execute from a command window (cmd.exe) then write error messages to that window if incorrect
parameters are supplied.
- Reflection Analysis and Time Series Analysis Components: Changed regular wave period detection for records containing less than five waves. Moreover,
added input field to specify wave period in case detection is not reliable.
- Changed generated GTX header and saved binary data to use channel range (to support data acquisition boards with maximum range larger than 10V).
- Changed default sample frequencies for applying down sampling.
- Show Signal Component: Changes made to chart properties will be saved to project and restored upon open project.
- Removed option 'Scaled Forms' as this feature in modern widows versions done better using the DPI font setting in Windows.
- Solved that files were not closed when detecting file formats (bug introduced in version 3.67).
- A few minor bug fixes.

WaveLab 3.71 (19-07-2016)
- Reflection Analysis Component: Added nonlinear reflection analysis of irregular waves for internal testing purposes. Will be made available to customers
in near future.
- Reflection Analysis Component: Added analysis of bichromatic waves for internal testing purposes. Will be made available to customers in near future.
- Reflection Analysis Component: Added possibility to deactivate nonlinear analysis for regular waves (for analysis of linear nummerical model data).
- Allow FFT block size to be larger than length of the time series (zero padding applied).
- Related to above then one more block might be used (because last partly full block do not have to be skipped). This might provide slightly different frequency
domain results compared to previous versions.
- Reflection Analysis and Time Series Analysis Components: Improved slightly wave period detection of regular waves.

WaveLab 3.70 (27-06-2016)
- Much faster opening of large projects.
- Reflection Analysis Component: Added possibility to apply sloping sea bed.
- Reflection Analysis Component: For regular waves allow 3 gauges (assuming all reflected energy to be free, i.e. valid when reflected waves are linear)
- Reflection Analysis Component: Added extra possibilities for x-coordinate for output results. New default is now average of all gauges which deals better with
nonlinear waves than old default (x = 0).
- Reflection Analysis Component: Changed limits for warning "Variance of raw data from the different gauges varies significantly" to be dependent on reflection
- Reflection Analysis Component: Added possibility to plot bound and free spectra when nonlinear analysis is performed.
- Reflection Analysis Component: Changed error correction when many gauges (too high error allowed previously). Perform error correction earlier when waves
are longer than 20 times the length of the wave gauge array.
- Reflection Analysis Component: Improved further wave period estimation for highly reflective conditions.
- Reflection Analysis Component: Fixed that for regular with order set to automatic it fail to give amplitudes of component in report.
- Reflection Analysis Component: Added height of total wave (bound + free) for regular wave analysis.
- Time Series Analysis Component: Fixed Range Check error in run-up analysis and force and moment analysis.
- Added possibility to paste values to grids in "Show Details"
- Data Acquisition: Solved that aborting wave gauge calibration give error messages.
- Solved reading of AwaSys binary files ignored specified skipped points.
- Added possibility to read AwaSys7 binary replay files.

WaveLab 3.676 (22-02-2016)
- Reflection Analysis Component: For regular wave analysis method has been added a correction for cases where unreliable results comes out of the superharmonic separation algorithm (bound/free and incident/reflected separation). In that case it will separate into fewer components.

WaveLab 3.675 (09-02-2016)
- Bug fixes related to implementations in version 3.674.

WaveLab 3.674 (06-02-2016)
- Data Acquisition: Solved error when only measuring offset in "Measure Offset and Wave Gauge Calib. Coef" dialogue.

WaveLab 3.673 (22-01-2016)
- Reflection Analysis: Solved that checkbox for including free components in regular wave plot analysis sometimes also was visible for irregular wave analysis.
- Post Analysis Component: Improved check of valid projects (calculation performed) for all projects saved with present or newer versions.
- Solved problems related to specify new directory for missing data files upon start an analysis.

WaveLab 3.672 (16-12-2015)
- Time Series Analysis, Reflection Analysis, 3D Wave Analysis: Solved problem related to implementations in version 3.67 and add files to older projects.

WaveLab 3.671 (11-12-2015)
- Updated read of AwaSys 7 binary files.

WaveLab 3.67 (10-12-2015)
- Reflection Analysis Component: Added possibility to specify automatic for the order of regular waves (the default option now).
- Data Acquisition Component: Added possibility to specify test parameters i.e. sea state conditions and project description (or import from AwaSys).
- If data file header contains target spectrum it is automatically added in as target spectrum in analysis components and reports.
- If data file contains project and test description it is automatically read and set as default report footer.
- Generate Time Series: Component add new header with sea state definition.
- Time Series Analysis, Reflection Analysis, 3D Wave Analysis: Added option to export WAF file for AwaSys (first column frequency in model scale, second
column amplitude gain to be used).
- Time Series Analysis and Reflection Analysis: Added in report options possibility to use extended 2 page reports. Additional page contain time series.
- Added FRF standard spectrum.
- Time Series Analysis, Reflection Analysis, 3D Wave Analysis: Bug fixes related to open selected channels in.
- Added support for reading binary files with ASCII header (AwaSys7 output files).

WaveLab 3.664 (19-11-2015)
- Shoaling Component: Added refraction calculation.
- Generate Time Series Component: Added possibility to specify order of stream function regular waves.
- Generate Time Series Component: Added possibility to specify current velocity or discharge for regular waves.
- Reflection and Time Series Analysis Components: Added possibility to specify order of stream function regular waves higher than 10.
- Reflection Analysis Component: Added possibility to force uniform weights (for 3 gauges and no cross mode separation the method is thus identical to

WaveLab 3.663 (15-11-2015)
- Generate Time Series: Solved that for stream function regular waves all other than surface elevations did not provide any output.

WaveLab 3.662 (11-11-2015)
- Reflection Analysis (Regular Waves): Improved wave period estimation especially for highly reflective conditions.
- Solved that reading of binary files with downsampling sometimes give error.

WaveLab 3.661 (04-11-2015)
- Reflection Analysis and Time Domain Analysis: Changed that regular wave period estimation respect setting in Options->Time Domain Analysis -> Minimum
number of points between downcrossings.
- Reflection Analysis (regular waves): Added possibility to show free components.

WaveLab 3.66 (25-08-2015)
- Increase maximum allowed memory consumption from 2 Gb to 4 Gb on Win64. The long-term goal is to make also a 64 bit version so Out of memory errors are
not due to software limitation (4 Gb now).
- Allow to make report for only selected pages (set in report options).
- New logo (icon).
- 3D Wave Analysis: Solved plotting of 3D rose spectrum + report graphs not setting correct axis limits when no bandpass filtering.

WaveLab 3.658 (28-07-2015)
- 3D Wave Analysis Component: Solved BDM Level 2 main direction and spreading sometimes being wrong.

WaveLab 3.657 (24-06-2015)
- 3D Wave Analysis Component: Solved axis corrupt when no bandpass filtering.
- 3D Wave Analysis Component: Solved MLM failed after changes to Mitsuyasu function in version 3.656.

WaveLab 3.656 (15-06-2015)
- Reflection Analysis Component: For regular long waves added comment that cannot separate into bound/free and only separate into incident bound and
reflected free.
- Solved that Mitsuyasu spreading parameter cannot attain very high values.

WaveLab 3.655 (21-05-2015)
- Data Acquisition Component: Solved that delayed start element no. and bit no. being lost.
- Data Acquisition Component: Solved that output rules element no. and bit no. not being saved to project.

WaveLab 3.654 (22-04-2015)
- 3D Wave Analysis Component: Bug fixes related to 3-D wave analysis in most cases fail to start after solving auto skip issues in version 3.652.

WaveLab 3.653 (07-04-2015)
- Bug fixes related to report options.

WaveLab 3.652 (27-03-2015)
- Bug fixes related to auto skip.

WaveLab 3.651 (04-02-2015)
- Data Acquisition: Do not give message "Sampling finished successfully" before finished storing all data.
- Time Series Analysis: Fixed that FFT Block size is sometimes not properly set (bug introduced in 3.631).
- Fixed that with autoskip enabled it is sometimes erroneously giving "XX% of energy removed by bandpass filter" as remark.

WaveLab 3.65 (23-01-2015)
- 3D Wave Analysis: Added possibility for other inputs than surface elevations (pressure, velocities)
- 3D Wave Analysis: Fixed MLM analysis in many cases giving erroneous results
- 3D Wave Analysis: MLM give now same output parameters as BDM
- 3D Wave Analysis: Reflection line is specified by two points (instead of being fixed to x-axis as used before).
- 3D Wave Analysis: Spreading for level 3 is now given with degrees and s value in separate columns
- Much faster read and write of binary data files
- Changed slightly autoskip algorithm
- Few user interface bug fixes

WaveLab 3.633 (02-12-2014)
- Reflection Analysis Comp.: Fixed error in frequency domain analysis introduced in version 3.62.
- Reflection Analysis Comp.: Fixed reflected spectrum can give peak period outside bandpass limits.
- Data Acquisition Comp.: Fixed validation of after test break in continuous mode.

WaveLab 3.631 (01-12-2014)
- Added automatic option for number of points to skip start/end for irregular surface elevations (auto-detect first and last real wave).

WaveLab 3.62 (19-11-2014)
- In version 3.61 was implemented a new bandpass feature to use bandpass filter only for frequency domain analysis. This option has been changed so enabling
this means instead bandpass filtered signal is used only for definition of wave periods and spectral width parameters in frequency domain and zero-down-
crossings in time domain. Unfiltered signals are used for definition of wave heights. This is because that with the previous option Hm0 for very non-linear waves
was much too low and many false waves were present in Time Domain Analysis.
- When exporting individual waves export also trough and crest elevation of the waves.

WaveLab 3.611 (31-10-2014)
- When exporting data for all files added option to place files in same folder as the individual data files.

WaveLab 3.61 (03-09-2014)
- Added option to select to apply bandpass filter either for frequency domain analysis only or for both frequency doamin and time domain analyses (as
previously) in Time Series Analysis and Reflection Analysis components. Default value is now frequency domain only as otherwise the height of the highest
waves are otherwise highly underestimated when waves are very non-linear. Note though that reflection separation algorithm is linear.
- Fixed extra tab showed in Post Analyses component for filtering, pressure conversion and modify signals projects.
- Added check of output folder in Filtering and Pressure to Elevation components.
- Updated tutorials.
- Few GUI bug fixes.

WaveLab 3.605 (05-12-2013)
- Updated Quickreport component to newest version to solve large memory leak in reports.

WaveLab 3.604 (20-11-2013)
- Data acquisition component: Fixed delayed start Element No. being lost.
- Data acquisition component: Fixed delayed start on analog input for Data Translation card.
- Data acquisition component: Fixed a few issues with control of external equipment.

WaveLab 3.603 (26-09-2013)
- Fixed add custom wave height distribution sometimes giving an access violation.

WaveLab 3.602 (27-08-2013)
- Show change log webpage if new version is available for download and solved problem with automatic update notification.

WaveLab 3.601 (11-06-2013)
- Armour Stability Component: Added transition wave period as output for Van der Meer formula and KD for Hudson formula.
- Filtering Component: Solved ASCII output files having 2 time channels if input file have time channel.

WaveLab 3.60 (13-05-2013)
- Reflection Analysis Component: Added reflection analysis of regular waves using an improved version of Lin and Huang (2004) separating in incident/reflected
and bound/free components.
- Time Series Analysis Component: Added analysis of non-linear regular waves.
- Generate Time Series Component: Added stream function regular waves.
- Data Acquisition Component: Changed the method to select channels to plot to be as in Show Signal Component.
- Bug fix related to GTX calibration function detection when it contains spaces which was allowed in earlier WaveLab versions, but not allowed after the unit is
now allowed to be given without square brackets (version 3.52).
- Various smaller user interface updates.

WaveLab 3.55 (26-03-2013)
- Data acquisition component: With more than one NI card the synchronization dialog is now shown before waiting for trigger signal.

WaveLab 3.54 (05-02-2013)
- Data acquisition component: Solved storing data as GTX Data file (Binary) resulted in an error storing data when signal outside +/- 10 V. Signal is now clipped at
the +/- 10V limits. Warning will be given to user at end of test.

WaveLab 3.53 (21-01-2013)
- Battjes and Groenendijk (2000) wave height distribution modified to use Rayleigh for for Htr/Hrms>2.75, cf. Caires and van Gent (2012).

WaveLab 3.523 (28-11-2012)
- Reflection Analysis: Solved chart showing incorrect distances for wave gauge positioning input.

WaveLab 3.522 (26-11-2012)
- Support for DTX/GTX files with binary file names (for channel 1 for example .001 instead of .D01/.G01)
- Support for DTX/GTX files with range parameter negative or 65536 (used in newer tests at TU Braunschweig)

WaveLab 3.521 (23-11-2012)
- Support for DTX/GTX files not exactly fulfilling WaveLab standard.
- Data Acquisition: Support for synchronized start of PCI devices that do not allow multi device tasks.

WaveLab 3.52 (20-11-2012)
- Faster reading of binary data files.
- Support for reading binary GTX/DTX with English header.
- Support for reading binary GTX/DTX where unit is not given as [unit] but simply as unit.

WaveLab 3.51 (09-11-2012)
- WaveLab request UAC elevation upon registration of software (required to register for all users of the PC).

WaveLab 3.50 (18-10-2012)
- Replaced Mansard-Funke reflection separation with RefCross algorithm by Grønbech et al. (1996). RefCross can use any number of gauges and can separate
into incident, reflected and cross-modes. Cross-modes separation can be enabled or not. If cross-mode separation is disabled the method corresponds to Zelt
and Skjelbreia (1992) which is an extension of the Mansard and Funke method.
- Changed ASCII file format detection and reading functions in order to support comma separated ASCII files (CSV).
- When activating WaveLab software with the serial number it is now done for all users on the pc.
- Data Acquisition: National instrument boards that do not support standard synchronization between boards (e.g. USB) can now use an alternative
synchronization by connecting PFI0 and PFI1 between the boards.

WaveLab 3.49 (24-08-2012)
- Caisson Stability component: New component for calculation of stability of caisson breakwaters in accordance with Goda (1974) method modified by Takahashi
et al. (1994) for impulsive loads.

WaveLab 3.48 (08-08-2012)
- Post analyses component: When running in command mode the program starts minimized not to disturb user.

WaveLab 3.47 (15-03-2012)
- Post analyses component: Added further output possibilities.

WaveLab 3.46 (13-03-2012)
- New component post analyses to automatic perform a number of post analyses on a data file. The component can be called directly after completion of a data
acquisition or by command line to use WaveLab post processing from external acquisition systems. The component replaces what was earlier only available from
continues mode data acquisition. Old continues mode projects will not automatically be migrated but need to be configured again based on the post analyses

WaveLab 3.45 (02-03-2012)
- Data Acquisition: Wave gauge calibration can now use more than two points for calibration moreover polynomial calibration curves can be used in addition to
linear relationship.

WaveLab 3.44 (24-01-2012)
- Time Series Analysis - Elevations: Solved range check problem introduced in version 3.43

WaveLab 3.43 (03-01-2012)
- Corrected time domain parameter atiltness calculation.
- Added option on maximum allowable header lines for ASCII files to cope with files with a large header (previously hardcode to 500 and 1000).
- Added TMA spectrum to add standard spectrum (Time Series Analysis, Reflection Analysis, 3D Analysis).

WaveLab 3.41 (27-06-2011)
- Solved not able to load zip compressed data files in show sampled signal, compare signal and convert data files components.

WaveLab 3.401 (20-06-2011)
- Related to correction in version 3.40 in reading of GTX files leads to offset needs always to be given in volts instead of ticks. This version solves the problem of
offset auto detected in ticks instead of volts. Please note that old projects when opened and recalculated this correction is not automatically done.

WaveLab 3.40 (15-06-2011)
- Report export as pdf is now available for all report types.
- Corrected that reading binary data with non-linear calibration curves giving incorrect results.

WaveLab 3.39 (11-04-2011)
- Data File Conversion: ASCII->GTX solved sample frequency not transferred if more than one file selected.
- Upgraded report generation component. Now it is possible to generate reports with many pages.

WaveLab 3.38 (08-04-2011)
- Reflection Analysis: Solved plotting marks on time series if down sampling is used

WaveLab 3.37 (15-03-2011)
- Calibrate wave gauges component: Solved problem of reading other than the first channel of National Instruments cards.
- Data Acquisition: For generated binary data files force file extension .gtx of main file and g01, g02 and so on for the individual channels.

WaveLab 3.36 (15-12-2010)
- Now shows a rectangle on zoom on graphs. As usual drag window from upper left corner to lower right corner to zoom. Dragging in opposite direction zooms

WaveLab 3.35 (21-06-2010)
- Corrected TMA spectrum to use more general applicable formula.

WaveLab 3.34 (12-02-2009)
- Filtering Component: Corrected that save filtered signals for input files with no header lines.

WaveLab 3.33 (26-11-2009)
- Included different GTX/DTX format with calibrations given in physical units per 1000 ticks as used by GWK, Hannover.
- 3D Wave Analysis: Included in wave gauge setup a plot of directional distribution of cross-spectral information.

WaveLab 3.32 (05-10-2009)
- Reflection Analysis: Solved problem with comments for reduced reliability not being given (introduced in version 3.30).

WaveLab 3.31 (03-09-2009)
- Data Acquisition: Added code to prevent system from going into standby when running data acquisition.

WaveLab 3.30 (31-08-2009)
- Added invert active button in Show Sampled Signal component.
- Corrected that Add Directory did not refresh if directory structure had changed since start of WaveLab.
- Time Series Analysis: Corrected validation for Hilbert Filter length.
- Filtering: Corrected sometimes giving range check error when file storing is enabled.
- 3D Wave Analysis: Corrected scaling of 3D spectrum.
- 3D Wave Analysis: Corrected axis min and max sometimes not being set.
- Time Series Analysis: Corrected analysis giving range check error if only frequency domain analysis has been selected.
- Modify Signal: Calculation runs in own thread.
- Filtering: Calculation runs in own thread.
- Data Acquisition: Added continuous mode which is useful for prototype measurements where continuous logging takes place.
- Data Acquisition: Updated MM-Timer implementation to avoid an error after 600 tests and to give higher timer accuracy when using software trigger.
- Data Acquisition: Added option for automatic post processing by using predefined analyses
- Data Acquisition: Added error handling in continuous and batch mode. See Advanced Options->Continuous & Batch mode for details.
- To allow for new functions in WaveLab there has been a huge restructuring of project files and data.
- Time Domain Analysis: On start calculation check for each file if inputs or data file has changed since last calculation. Only recalculate if necessary.
- Reflection Analysis: On start calculation check for each file if inputs or data file has changed since last calculation. Only recalculate if necessary.
- 3D Wave Analysis: On start calculation check for each file if inputs or data file has changed since last calculation. Only recalculate if necessary.
- 3D Wave Analysis: Corrected plotting of main directions (introduced in version 3.10).
- Pressure to Elevation: Added option to save signals in a specified output folder

WaveLab 3.11 (05-01-2009)
- Armour Stability: Fixed SD plot for van der Meer formula
- Using updated graphic component which includes fixes and adds new features to graphs properties.
- Some few user-interface updates

WaveLab 3.10 (17-10-2008)
- Data Acquisition: To avoid the same error being shown several times during batch mode most of the warnings are now only shown during the first test where
they occur (usually the first one).
- 3D Wave Analysis: Added overall spreading function as output graph for BDM analysis.
- 3D Wave Analysis: Changed calculation of overall s-values (Level 3 results in table).
- Solved issue with help document not showing on Windows Vista.
- Various smaller bug fixes in the user interface

WaveLab 3.04 (01-10-2008)
- Project save as now starts with filename and path of existing project.
- 3D Wave Analysis: Corrected calculation of main direction and directional spreading sometimes giving incorrect results when working with custom wave gauge
configuration (system 5).

WaveLab 3.03 (11-08-2008)
- Reflection Analysis: Additional warning if Mansard-Funke gives unreliable results for a large part of the energy. Most common error producing this warning is
errors in the channel settings.
- Reflection analysis + Time Series Analysis: Optimized plotting of less common spectra (not a single peak)

WaveLab 3.02 (01-08-2008)
- Solved problem sometimes giving range check error on add files.

WaveLab 3.01 (29-07-2008)
- Data Acquisition: Fixed errors when running on dual core cpus and values stored in file is selected to include calib and offset.
- Data Acquisition: Fixed error when working with output rules on NI cards (do not turn off digital lines).
- Reflection Analysis: Corrected bug in show marks in time domain graph
- Reflection Analysis + 3D Wave Analysis: Corrected gauges numbers in comments column sometimes being wrong (warnings related to variance of raw data)
- Removed minimize button from forms that should stay on top.

WaveLab 3.001 (26-06-2008)
- First official release of WaveLab3
- Added support for Windows Vista including Vista Theme.
- Added support for multi core PCs (i.e. dual core and quad core cpus) which makes analysis of multiple files much faster.
- Much faster respond to user abort of calculations.
- Splitted calculation bar in two (Main and Additional tools)
- Included several quality checks on raw data before performing analyses (Time series analysis, Reflection analysis and 3D Wave Analysis components).
- Stability optimizations
- Many updates in various components (mainly related to user interface).

WaveLab 2.983 (14-04-2008)
- Corrected problem with reports when it includes many pages.
- Last release of WaveLab2

WaveLab 2.982 (03-04-2008)
- Corrected bug with startup problem of reflection Component
- Corrected bug in Wave Kinematic Components with no convergence for some cases with Q given.

WaveLab 2.981 (03-03-2008)
- Some minor fixes

WaveLab 2.98 (14-12-2007)
- Added time average wave power calculation (W/m) to frequency domain parameters.
- Solved thread error occurring in rare cases.
- Some UI updates and fixes.
- User defined spectra are now included.

WaveLab 2.973 (01-12-2007)
- Data Acquisition: Solved problem using more than one DT card (introduced in version 2.70 when implementing NI
- Generate Time Series: You can now choose between incident, reflected and total signal for each point added.

WaveLab 2.972 (13-11-2007)
- 3D Wave Analysis: Older versions give when drawing the 3D spectrum an access violation when FFT block size
is greater than 2048. This has been removed, but the maximum number of frequencies draw is 2000 and higher
frequencies are skipped.

WaveLab 2.971 (24-10-2007)
- Data Acquisition: Corrected problem with National Instrument data acquisition cards in Measure Offset and Wave
Gauge Calib dialog.
- Data Acquisition: Corrected error with NI boards supporting Concatenated ports.
- Reflection Analysis: Added option to export incident and reflected time series for all files.
- Curve Fitting: Corrected problem with entering negative numbers.

WaveLab 2.97 (30-07-2007)
- Data Acquisition now supports both Data Translation and National Instruments cards.
- Data Acquisition: Corrected thread error for National Instruments boards

WaveLab 2.961 (14-05-2007)
- Added TMA spectrum.
- Added option that makes it possible to add marks in time series analysis.
- Check for updates on the WaveLab homepage during startup.

WaveLab 2.96 (03-05-2007)
- Included calibration function and offset in Filtering component (support for non-linear sensors)
- Data File Conversion: Improvements on GTX conversion (clipping problems solved).
- Right clicking on the data file input field gives now a list of recent files
- Compare Signals: Improved squared coherency calculation.

WaveLab 2.95 (01-04-2007)
- Show Signal: Added a background color on series checkboxes (as the text colour is removed by the
- Curve Fitting: Added residuals probability plot.

WaveLab 2.943 (21-03-2007)
- 3D Wave Analysis: Added system 3,4 & custom wave gauge setup.
- Wave Kinematics Component: Added stream function theory, added combined waves and current for 1. order and 5. order theory, added pressures in output

WaveLab 2.942 (01-03-2007)
- Corrected bug in Curve Fitting component (showing wrong equation for some models).
- Added additional predefined models in Curve Fitting component.
- Corrected save bug in Curve Fitting component.
- Bug Corrections related to new implementations in Data Acquisition component.

WaveLab 2.941 (03-10-2006)
- Output listview bug correction in Data Acquisition Component when values are shown with calibration function included.
- Corrected problem with reading files in Pressure to Elevation converter component (related to offset).

WaveLab 2.941 (03-10-2006)
- Solved problem of running high speed data acquisition introduced in version 2.80 (frequency above approx. 200 Hz). Now it should not be limited be the
software but by the data acquisition hardware (Tested up to 100 kHz).
- Added a page to the options menu with values of constants (gravity acceleration etc.)

WaveLab 2.94 (29-09-2006)
- Updated BDM analysis to give better estimation of the directional spectrum. Now reflection coefficients are
estimated with much better accuracy. The price for the better estimations is that the computational time has gone up with more than 200%.
- Corrected problem in Data Acquisition Component when using output rules and 2 Data Translation boards.
- Cosmetic changes.

WaveLab 2.93 (29-06-2006)
- Some few graphical changes.

WaveLab 2.921 (02-03-2006)
- Improvements related to the new feature implemented in version 2.92.

WaveLab 2.92 (24-02-2006)
- Added option to export graph data for all files in one operation.

WaveLab 2.911 (31-01-2006)
- Bug corrections related to new implementations in version 2.91.

WaveLab 2.91 (26-01-2006)
- Added different plotting papers for plotting force, moments and run-up/run-down distributions. Further added possibility to add fitted Weibull or Gumbel

WaveLab 2.90 (08-01-2006)
- Added Curve Fitting component which utilize the well-known non-linear least square algorithm from
- Added Modify Signals component. This can be usefull for integrating a number of pressure signals to one
force signal etc.

WaveLab 2.82 (20-12-2005)
- Included support for hardware filters for data acquisition boards supporting.
- Bug correction in 3D Wave Analysis related to entering calibration functions (introduced in version 2.80)
- Starting update of help document. Select the component for which you need help and press F1.
- Implemented check on sample pace in Data Acquisition component when using multimedia timer.
- Corrected bug in peak-analysis which affects analysis of forces and run-up signals.
- Calculation time shown in the statusbar when the calculation has finished.

WaveLab 2.81 (05-12-2005)
- Changes related to downsampling.
- Updated help document. Select the component for which you need help and press F1.

WaveLab 2.80 (15-08-2005)
- Added support for non-linear sensors in all components with support of many type of mathematical functions.
- Added Compare Signals component.
- Corrected open project bug for old Time Series Analysis projects and 3D Wave Analysis projects.
- Corrected bug not showing error spectrum in Reflection Analysis component when open project from file.
- Added another time domain separation method for 2D reflection analysis (Mansard-Funke + InvFFT). This method is now default as it performs the separation
faster and takes advantage of the least square method instead of simple averaging the three estimations. The Mansard-Funke method is applied to the entire time
series using the GLASSMAN FFT algorithm.
- Better treatment of singularities in Goda method.
- Fixed bug related to threshold values on time series analysis of forces.
- Bug fix in Filtering component related to problem with phase for user defined filters for frequency domain filters.
- User interface bug fixes.

WaveLab 2.76 (29-06-2005)
- Changes and bug fixes in show signal component.
- Buffer initialization optimizations for FIR filters.

WaveLab 2.75 (05-05-2005)
- Added correction due to dynamical amplification of forces in Filtering and Time Series Analysis component.
- Report bug fixes.
- User defined filter bug fixes.
- Pump controlling bug fixes.
- Some user interface bug fixes.

WaveLab 2.74 (15-03-2005)
- In Data Acquisition component it is now possible to measure offset of channels that are not wave gauges.
- Bug fixes related to maximum update frequency of charts in Data Acquisition component.
- Fixed bug related to measure offset and calib of a single channel in Data Acquisition component.
- Heavy speed optimizations in Data Acquisition component when adding points to time series chart. Should not limit sampling frequency anymore.
- Corrected error related to using hardware trigger and not using default interface points.
- Fixed bug in Data Acquisition component with not creating datafile if directory does not exists.
- Fixed termination bug in Run-Up analysis.

WaveLab 2.73 (08-03-2005)
- Added support for data files in compressed zip-files.
- Remember active channels on graphs in Data Acquisition component.
- Support for multiple files in Filtering component.
- Support for different user defined filter for each file in Filtering component.

WaveLab 2.72 (19-02-2005)
- Added option to use an average filter on data when applying output rule in Data acquisition component.
- Corrected bug related to number of header lines in WaveLab 2 ASCII files (bug introduced in version 2.70)

WaveLab 2.71 (15-02-2005)
- Added option to include calib and offset in data files generated by Data Acquisition component.
- Added option to down sample before performing time series analysis in all components (enabled by default). This will reduce calculation time considerable if for
some reason a high sample frequency is used.
- Some bug fixes related to pump controlling in Data Acquisition component.

WaveLab 2.70 (18-01-2005)
- Selecting large fonts in windows caused problems in earlier versions. WaveLab now overrides the windows
settings and always use small fonts.
- Bug corrections related to auto detection of calibration coefficients in Time Series Analysis introduced in version 2.69.
- Fixed properties for charts (right click on charts -> properties).
- Fixed scaling of spectra when a standard spectrum is added.
- Added Atiltness parameter calculation in Time Series Analysis and Reflection Analysis. This parameter describes the vertical asymmetry of a wave record. The
atiltness parameter is zero for wave profiles which are symmetrical in the horizontal direction and will increase as the front of the waves gets steeper. A value of
1-2 indicate a very steep front and gentle rear face of the waves.
- Bug fixes related to using 2 boards in Data Acquisition component.
- Added splash screen.
- Store output rules in data files (Data Acquisition component).

WaveLab 2.69 (30-10-2004)
- Support for data acquisition on multiple cards with both software and hardware trigger.
- Added analysis of forces and moments from two moments measurements in Time Series Analysis component.
- Some few user interface changes.

WaveLab 2.68 (18-10-2004)
- Added MLM 3D Wave Analysis.
- Added option where to calculate incident waves in Reflection Analysis in time domain (default at gauge1 (x=0)).
- Some few user interface corrections.

WaveLab 2.67 (05-10-2004)
- Usage of relative locations of files, which means that if a folder with data files and projects is moved the file locations are automatically updated.
- Added a polar wave rose plot of the directional wave spectrum in 3D Wave Analysis.
- Added more interaction between different components, e.g. you can now right click in the ListViews of Time
Series Analysis component to open channel in other components and visa versa.
- Corrected a bug in Time Generator related to Random Complex Spectrum Method and short crested waves.
- Added Armour Stability component.

WaveLab 2.66 (26-09-2004)
- Updates to Data Acquisition component.
- Many improvements (mainly user interface related).

WaveLab 2.65 (15-08-2004)
- Added combobox to allow user to choose between (H/Hm)² and (H/Hs)² on x-axis of wave height distributions plots.

WaveLab 2.64 (24-06-2004)
- Added skewness and kurtosis calculation to time domain analysis.

WaveLab 2.63 (10-05-2004)
- Added Core Scaling component (Burcharth method).
- Corrected bug in Filtering Component (introduced in version 2.61).
- Two bug corrections in menu system of 3D Wave Analysis component.

WaveLab 2.62 (25-04-2004)
- Added output rules to Data Acquisition component, which is very useful for controlling pumps in an overtopping tank etc.
- Cosmetic bug fix in marks for wave gauge setup (Time Series Generator & 3D Wave Analysis)
- Some cosmetic changes.

WaveLab 2.61 (16-04-2004)
- Corrected a division by zero error for BDM analysis (rare situations).
- Bug correction related to remembering last directory.
- Added Filtering component (Includes old Bandpass and Average filtering components).
- Corrected bug related to save/open project in Show Signal component.
- Corrected bug getting a runtime error when only frequency or time domain analysis is selected in Time Series Analysis and Reflection Analysis component.

WaveLab 2.60 (05-04-2004)
- Do not clear wave gauge setup in 3D wave analysis when adding/changing data files.
- Added an advanced option in the Reflection Analysis component that allows the user to disable the singularities warning.
- Optimized tapering method for SIRW filters in Reflection Analysis.
- Updated Spreading Converter.
- Changes related to detecting data file as ASCII with Sample Frequency.
- Changes related to which frequencies to analyze in 3D BDM Analysis. Now it analyses the frequencies which
are not cut-off by bandpass filtering.
- Performing tapering on data when performing bandpass filtering and when converting pressure to elevations.
- Projects now supported for all components.
- Added some wave height distributions.
- Bug fixes related to joint distribution of periods and heights (scatter diagram).
- Added option to allow user to change grid size in scatter diagrams.
- Added another spectral width parameter (Eps2 - Narrowness parameter), which is less influenced by choice of cut-off levels than the Eps4 - Broadness factor.
- Changes to function that estimate cut-off frequencies.
- Added another auto hide mode for the calculation toolbar.
- Huge update of Data Acquisition component.
- Time Series Generator added.
- Added tutorials. The tutorials are available in the Tutorials section of the help document.
- Cosmetic changes and some bug fixes.

WaveLab 2.56 (20-01-2004)
- Binary Project Format added. This format is recommended as it reduces the file size to one fifth compared to the ASCII format.
- Changes made to spreading converter component.
- Moved Filter button from Add File Menu to Options.
- Some few cosmetic changes

WaveLab 2.55 (11-01-2004)
- Previous values of Ts is now given as T_H13 (wave period corresponding to Hs), and added Ts with the correct
definition (average period of the one third waves with the largest period).
- Auto-hide option added for the calculation toolbar (enabled as default). To show the toolbar move the mouse to the edge where the toolbar is located. The toolbar will automatically hide when the mouse again is moved away from the toolbar.
- Some improvements made to Wave Gauge Calibrator.
- Many small improvements and fixes.

WaveLab 2.54 (10-12-2003)
- Added a tool to convert a pressure time series to wave elevations. This is available in the "Time Series" group. It is also possible to load a pressure time series in
"Time Series Analysis" and convert it to wave elevations as the first step in the analysis.
- Added online help document (not completed yet). Press F1 to get help on the active field.
- Improved calculation of wave period in zero-crossing analysis (especially for low sample frequencies).
- Added scatter diagram in Time Domain Analysis and Reflection Analysis to show joint distribution of wave period and wave height.
- Reduced the file size of project files to almost the half.
- Added an option for use minimum or maximum of spectrum dependent and spectrum independent cut-off
frequencies (Time Series Analysis, Reflection Analysis & 3D Wave Analysis).
- Some smaller changes to user interface.

WaveLab 2.53 (03-11-2003)
- Many bug fixes and small improvements.
- Added button in SPM Hincast to duration adjust wind speed.
- Added online documentation. Press F1 to view help on the topic where the cursor is placed.

WaveLab 2.52 (27-10-2003)
- Support for analysis of forces in time series analysis.
- Better description and treatment of singularities in SIRW filters (Reflection Analysis).
- Many bug fixes and small improvements.

WaveLab 2.51 (12-10-2003)
- Improved method to select files to analyze. Support for scanning a directory and subdirectories for data files.
- Support for automatic change of FFT Block Size and other advanced parameters depending on the data to
- Results in Time Series Analysis and Reflection Analysis are now colored depending on the reliability of the
- Bug fixes

WaveLab 2.50 (20-09-2003)
- New major release.
- Data acquisition added. Only Data Translation Open-Layers boards are supported at current stage.
- Tool to calculate calibration coefficients for wave gauges is added.
- Tool to convert data files is added.
- An option is applied to skip points at beginning and end of time series. This is useful if the wave field is not yet (or not anymore) fully developed at the start and the end of the time series.
- WaveLab now has XP look on Windows XP.
- New Icon.
- Many bug fixes and improvements

WaveLab 2.12 (17-05-2003)
- Average Filtering added which is very useful for overtopping data.
- Small changes to the graphical interface.

WaveLab 2.11 (20-03-2003)
- Bug fixes related to the GWK data format. I discovered they used a format very close to the one they use at GWK at LWI. The program now supports both LWI and GWK files.
- Many small bug fixes.

WaveLab 2.10 (31-01-2003)
- Faster changes of graphs and faster report generation at the expense of a little more memory usage.
- Right click on graphs and tables to copy to clipboard etc.
- Implemented 3D Wave Analysis (BDM Method).
- Added an option that allows the bandpass filtering to remove some few data points (up to 0.5% of timeseries) in the end for faster filtering.
- Some small bugs are fixed.

WaveLab 2.00 (09-01-2003)
- New main programmer: Thomas Lykke Andersen, AAU.
- Totally rewriting most of the code (probably introducing some new bugs - please e-mail me if you found one).
- Math routines rewritten to use dynamic arrays instead of static. Therefore it is now the amount of available
computer memory and not the code that sets the restriction on the size of the arrays.
- Totally new user interface and WaveLab is now a MDI Application.
- Windows explorer integration with WLP & QRP files.
- Windows registry integration.
- Allows analysis of multiple files (Time Series, Reflection & Run-Up Analysis).
- Calculations can now be saved to and opened from a project file (Time Series, Reflection & Run-Up Analysis).
- Auto detection of number of headlines (seems to work even for complicated file structures).
- Support for binaer files from GWK-Hannover.
- Support for overlap and cosines tapering of subseries in the frequency domain analysis.
- Support for both 2 & 3 gauges in Reflection analysis
- Time domain reflection analysis (SIRW) implemented.
- It is now possible to add a standard spectrum in reflection analysis.
- Bandpass filtering of input data is supported. This feature is enabled as default in both Time domain and reflection analysis. The filtering uses the GLASSMAN
FFT, which take advantage of any factoring that can be done on the number of points. Therefore the number of points is not limited to a power of 2. If the number
of points is prime, the filtering will not be "fast" at all.
- Many other small improvements (can't even remember all of them).

WaveLab 1
- Main programmer: Zhou Liu, AAU.
- First release